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Designed from the ground up for Small Business.

When it comes to accepting credit and debit cards for your business, there’s no shortage of options out there, but only and Office Depot bring you the perfect combination.

Get the right solution, based on your needs and desired functionality; technology and program options that give you expedited access to your funds, even within hours; and, highly specialized service and support dedicated to getting you up and running quickly and easily.   

*Upon approval and program set up.

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Point of Sale (POS): Much more than Just Payment Acceptance

Today’s POS is a powerful business management tool, helping you to more efficiently manage and run your business to drive incremental bottom line revenues. We offer multiple options for you to choose from based on your business needs; all EMV compliant.

Unprecedented Cash Flow

Today, most payment providers will hold your money for a few days before it settles in your account. But we know that many small businesses operate on thin margins and tight timetables. A few days can make the difference between paying your bills on time or incurring late fees – or even worse, having to take on additional debt.  

That’s why we’re making Accelerated Funding available to our members. It’s powered by industry-leading technology and it enables you to get paid as quickly as the same day you collect payment. So you get access to your money faster.

24/7 Support

Our payment experts are here for you, from the very beginning of your journey to helping you pick the product that is right for your business. After we guide you through setup we will be on standby for any long-term customer support questions, maintenance, and more.

Fully Secure, Safe and Industry Compliant

PCI, DSS and EMV®: We won’t get into what all the alphabet soup means here. Just suffice to say, we’ve worried about all of that so you won’t have to. Our solution is secure, helping to insulate you from liability and data breaches.

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